1963 Triumph Bobber

I connected with Scott through Instagram. The tourism department of St. Thomas, a small town in southern Ontario, posted a picture he took of his bike just as I was in town visiting my in-laws. I sent him a message and we connected one evening in July to make these images. I had often walked by this parking lot and wanted to use the vine-covered archway to frame a subject. Scott's bike was a great fit: a piece of industrial engineering beauty contrasted by the organic, wild life of the vines. We hit the road just as the sun was making its exit for the day and wound up with some of my favourite tracking shots to date. Scott was incredibly generous with his time and the story of his bike, which I'll leave to him to explain:

The bike is a 1963 Triumph T100SS (500cc). My uncle bought it all in boxes in the late 60's/early 70's sometime and put it together and rode it for a number of years until he sold it to my dad so he could buy a riding lawnmower. Dad rode it for several years until he bought a '72 Honda CB750 and loaned it back to my uncle until it came off the road in 1980. After that it spend a bunch of years in a tobacco kiln and then finally in my parents garden shed for another 15 years or so. 

Around 2009 I asked if I could have the bike to build a bobber our of and my dad said yes. So in 2010 I sold my motorcycle to fund the build. Then for the next three and a half years I slowly completed my first ground-up bike build, doing most of the fabricating, all of the wiring and a bunch of the engine work myself.