Jess and Scott's Wellington Gastropub Wedding

Scott is one of my oldest friends. We first met playing little league soccer in our single digit years. I bought him Metallica's black album for his birthday and felt like a bit of a rebel for doing it. Scott introduced me to Jess a couple of years ago and I knew instantly they were a perfect match. Jess is probably the only person I know whose Sharon Jones and soul revival fandom can match Scott's. 

They chose the Wellington Gastropub in Ottawa for their small and intimate wedding in May, and the space could not have suited them better. They rolled up in Scott's heirloom MGB and hosted a beautiful evening full of laughs, tears, delicious food and great music. While Jess' pregnancy wasn't news to anyone in attendance, the upcoming arrival of a new life brought an extra level of joy to the celebration. It was a wonderful gathering of the people closest to them, and all the smiles are real. 

Congratulations again, you guys!